Need a New Roof or Simply Just a Roof Repair?

Working with the right contractor is much like hiring the right employee for a job in an office. You wouldn't hire just anyone right? You'd check their references, look over their work history and maybe even run a background check on them. The same applies when selecting a contractor for your home.

Finding a good contractor takes some work. Finding a roofing contractor that can offer you peace of mind, value and a roof that will perform under the most trying weather conditions takes even more work. This is why we built our service and offer it free to you, the homeowner looking to repair or replace your roof. We have a network of local roofing contractors that we have interviewed, vetted and thoroughly checked. You can rest assured that we will only put you in contact with the most trustworthy local contractors.

Below, we offer some tips on finding the best roofer.







So, we have step 1 covered for you - Getting in touch with the right roofing contractors. What then? Roofing your home is no small matter and here are some pointers you should follow once you are in touch with the contractor. You should still be on top of your project and ensure your home is being worked on in the right manner.

  • Ask to see certifications and awards. This not only confirms that the company is reputable, but demonstrates that they have been in business for a good number of years.
  • How long has the crew been together? A good company should be able to retain their foreman and key workers over a long period of time. This demonstrates superior work habits & practices.
  • Does the crew follow installation best practices? Do they comply with using the entire roofing system components? By using 100% of the components, you are guaranteed the best products have been installed on your roof.
  • Is the contractor asking you for payment upfront or payment for services rendered? Most reputable companies will do the work first and ask for payment after.
  • Does the contractor have a showroom location? This demonstrates strength and willingness to provide an exceptional customer service experience.
  • Be sure that the company provides you a clear, concise, details and easy to understand proposal and contract.
  • Check the company's website, read their reviews online and be sure that others have been satisfied with their service. If you see something that raises questions, don't be afraid to ask your sales rep about the issue.

Important Tips Before Choosing a Contractor

Remember that it is important to consider numerous factors before choosing a contractor. While all contractors are going to be working for a profit, it is important to choose a contractor that is right for you. Do your due diligence before choosing a contractor. Get three different quotes before you commit to one. This will give you an idea of fair pricing as well as being able to compare each contractors' previous work.

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