Working With Contractors – Ask Questions First, Decide Later.

Contractor Question

As we’ve said before, being informed is the key to make your dream projects come true and though experienced contractors should be able to understand what you are expecting to get out of whatever

construction or remodel you are having you should do your research too.

There are some key questions that might not be thought of at first instance but ought to be asked in order to avoid any setbacks or unpleasant surprises that could happen

         1. Ask How Long Have You Been In The Business

Although you shouldn’t go blind reaching for a contractor you might not have enough time to do too much research, also is always good to ask about the contractor’s experience so you have a better idea on possible previous projects similar to yours.

Going for companies with experience is a no brainer since they are already established and could assure quality work on time with a budget.

But every big company had to had started once and that’s the case with some new businesses, although they are experienced contractors they are new in the business. Whatever your case is what’s important is the information you get from the company.

        2. Ask if They Have a Contracting License

Some states requires contractors to have a license in order to do certain type of jobs, in order to get it they go through different certain verifications in their experience that’s why it is important to make sure if they have the pertinent license.

Insurance is other necessary credential specifically one that fits their necessities; workers ought to be compensated and have their liability insurance since they are expected to perform a job that more or less could injure them.

         3. Ask For a Completion Timeline

It’s key to know how long a project will take, however even having a defined schedule there might be different factors affecting it through the course of the project.

Have in mind that contractors generally have unfinished projects or other projects that could affect yours, ask if there’s any other project they are currently working on and how it could affect your timeline for completion.

          4. Ask about the payment schedule

One of the most important things, if not the most important, is the payment schedules. Before beginning with your project it must be clear. Have in mind that you should never go pay straight for the full price of contracting at once and a trustful contractor wouldn’t ask you to.

          5. Ask about the way you will be staying in touch with

You have to have a general glance on how your project is going but that shouldn’t interfere with your workers workflow that’s why it’s important to choose the best way to contact them and the time they’ll be available to speak with you.

Is fundamental to stay informed about how the project is progressing and whatever possible issue that the workers might have in order to solve it and get the work done in the time that was agreed.

          6. How will they deal with the cleaning?

Whatever construction or remodeling project it is it will get dirty, you should have a clear idea of how that waste will be managed by the crew; whether it is a one day project or a project that might take several weeks to be done with, workers should remove the trash that is left by the end of the working day.

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