Vinyl gutters – is it the right choice?

Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl gutters’ popularity is in the raise and is no mystery why it is doing so, vinyl gutters are made of PVC plastic which is a material known being lightweight, corrosion resistant and cheap.

The fact that Vinyl is lighter than any other material used for gutters makes its installation easier, add to this its affordable price and you will be cutting on every cost. However as every other material it has its flaws too but if you pick the best options vinyl gutters has to offer then you won’t have to worry about it.

Plastic is in the house

Is no secret how through decades plastic has assault our lives and how wouldn’t it, after proved itself versatile enough to take over our home, whether it is through window frames, walls and gutters having durability as its trademark.

As mentioned above, vinyl gutters are made of PVC plastic meaning it won’t be damaged by rust or corrosion, differently from other materials used in gutters.

Another advantage of having vinyl gutters is that it can’t be neither dented nor dinged due to misplaced leaders, and their unicolor material makes scratches and scrapes hard to notice since the same color you see in the outside is in the inside.

Cheaper might not be the best option

Although one of the greatest hooks on vinyl gutters is its affordability you have to put first quality materials, after all the downsides this material has are more evident in its cheaper varieties.

Cheap vinyl rain gutters are thinner meaning they are considerably more susceptible to sagging or to grow brittle through time. Cheap vinyl gutters also are less resistant to extreme cold weather being easily damaged by it.

Certainly, there’s certain degree risk of having those problems with any vinyl product but usually the better quality and thickness plastic offers the less likely to suffer from any of the mentioned issues.

Ease of installation

Vinyl is a very lightweight material, because of its manageable weight it can be easily manipulate snapping together with ease.

Contractors will find themselves having to spend less time in the installation process which should mean a lower final installation cost compared to other kind of gutter installations.

Actually because it the ease of manipulation on this material many do-it-yourselfers dare to take this kind of projects in their hands, but that doesn’t mean there’s zero difficulty in the installation, after all it ought be hung and sloped perfectly otherwise it won’t work as it should.

Vinyl low costs

You can find vinyl gutters ten foot sections from $3 to $5 a pop but don’t be blinded by those prices; gutters also need hangers, couplings and downspouts in order to be installed and they will have an impact in your final budget.

Still if we compare vinyl gutters prices with other gutter materials they are the most affordable option, other gutters ranging from $5 to $40 per linear foot.

Anyway don’t let the price fool you, quality will pay off in the long run also if you don’t have much experience you should let in experienced hands the installation process, that way you’ll assure the correct and functional installation of your vinyl gutter.

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