Top 5 Things You Need to Know When Replacing Your Windows

New things are always nice and a new window is not the exception. Having new windows will keep you from giving them maintenance for a long time, new windows will be easier to clean and of course the will be more energy efficient but do you really need new ones?

Getting windows replaced can bring you great expenses, it could be from about $300 to $1,500 or even more depending in the type of window you choose, and the hardware used on it.

So before considering replacing your windows you should know these 5 things

A new window won’t be paid by itself

Current dual-paned windows are 100% more efficient at keeping heat and air conditioning inside than the old single paned units that used to be installed some decades ago, but in when we talk about storm windows the difference isn’t really worth it.

Dual-paned windows are only 15% more efficient than old single paned units with storm windows on them. Adding to this that windows represent a tiny fraction of your house exterior that they will do only so much on saving energy.

New windows can only save about 5% to 15% of the total energy bills, considering that an average yearly expense on heat and cooling bills is from about a thousand dollars it won’t be worth investing in brand new windows while being able to fix your current ones.

Consider Maintenance

Some materials used nowadays aren’t as durable as they used to be, and I’m talking about wooden frames. Lumber used currently is farmed quickly due to the high demand on materials made by several industries.

Sure, you can apply some painting to your wooden window but you might have to consider using new materials; vinyl frames are inexpensive and they offer some maintenance free quality that could last you for about 20 years without maintenance.

If you rather have wood’s well-known quality you can still have it avoiding having it being exposed to moisture and external factors thanks to wood windows covered by aluminum skin, however these clad windows can cost from 15% to 20% more than unclad wood windows.

Old windows can be repaired

Whatever your window’s problem is there might be a less dramatically and expensive solution than replacing the whole window. And a handyman or carpenter can help you repair it.

Replacing broken panes, applying some paint to upper sashes or updating glazing, sash cords or whatever new hardware might cost you only $100 or $350 offering you as much efficiency as new windows.

Aesthetics matter

By the time you find yourself reselling your property you will be getting back about 73% of your investment wooded windows are as highly appreciated as mantel pieces and built-in cabinets, they are architectural features.

That’s why you have in mind matching the original windows’ look when replacing them even if replacing wood for other materials try to keep divided patterns as they used to be originally.

You really need a full window replacement?

Sometimes full replacement is not the solution, although there are many techniques that won’t imply cutting much of your walls, like pulling off interior and exterior trims or installing a window insert, those solutions aren’t always effective.

Even if your replacements have all gaps insulated they might end up looking smaller and giving a look of not belonging, so be wise and consider every option before going for a full replacement.

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