The top 5 happiest and unhappiest places for homeowners in the USA


Happiness is the most important thing for people, and it comes with things like accessibility, community and security. In order to know people’s opinion of wich place are the happiest and unhappiest to live, we decided to make a test where people will give their opinion and so, with the results, we were able to make a top 5 of both of these

places for homeowners in the USA.

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Happiest places for homeowners in the USA

If you are looking for a place that gives you all you want within a big mass of happy residents, these are the greatest ones:

  1. San Francisco

No matter what, San Francisco will always be the best city to live in. More than the 70 percent of its citizens believe that is the best place to live despite the high cost of the house market. It is a city that has everything: accessibility, community and security in every corner.

  1. Los Angeles

The second place in USA were anybody can live is Los Angeles. This is a really special city that makes everyone proud because of its accesibility and clean environment. It is a fact that their homeowner’s happiness has a positive influence in the city as well.

  1. Denver

Even when it is not thar recognized in the USA, Denver is the Mile High City for something, and it is because 9 of each 10 residents says that is the best place to live, with safe neighborhoods and fire, police and medical services.

  1. Saint Louis

Saint Louis is a city that gives a great access to attractions and services that makes everybody happy. In adittion, most of the population here says that they are happy with their home’s size and layout.

  1. Seattle

The last of this top five, but certainly not the worst. 77 percent of its population loves to live here and agree with the cost of living. Furthermore, they think that is a nice place to live in because of its organization and security.

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Unhappiest places for homeowners in the USA

Sadly, there are places in the USA that not all homeowners find it as a source of neither happiness, accessibility, community and security. These cities are ranket at the bottom of the list.

  1. Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s residents usually find a little more fault with their homes than other homeowners around the country. In this case, only 64 percent of them report that they like where they live, and only half of them say that is their favorite place.

  1. Indianapolis

Indianapolis is one city where its residents believe that is a city with a cost-living pretty reasonable. Though, they think that it is not a city that makes them proud and would like to change their residence to another city.

  1. Salt Lake City

Most of Salt Lake City’s population express that they want a change of city, and only 49 percent of the homeowners says tghat they are good with the city. However, 58 percent of the population there live pretty close of their work, and that is a big impact in their happiness.

  1. Philadelphia

Even when it is the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia’s homeowners does not love their city. Most of them does not think that it is a safe community, and only 53 percent enjoyr their neighboorhood.

  1. Baltimore

Baltimore ranks on the bottom of this list as the worst place to live in the whole country, not only because people cannot live close of their works, but because of their security and accessibility.

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