The Most Common Types of Windows in Your Home

Windows come in so different shapes, types and sizes that picking only one becomes in a difficult task, but in order to pick the one that fit your walls and your needs first you will need to know about them.

Single Hung and Double Hung Windows

Single Hung Window

The biggest differentiation between these two are the movable sections on them, in single hung windows the lower sash can move up and down while in double hung windows both upper and lower sash are able to be lowered or raised.

Though both type of windows are the most common windows choice, single hung windows can be 20% more affordable than double hung windows.

In the other hand, double hung windows’ ability to move both sashes allow better air circulation in rooms than single hung windows.

Bay Windows and Bow Windows

Bay Window Inside

These two types of windows have a similar look but picking one of them will depend on your style and your budget.

Both Bay and Bow windows are consider expensive windows to install, being bay windows the most affordable and modern looking of the two options; while bow windows are more fitted when a Victorian looking window is desired.

Besides budget differences, bay windows’ design is more practical since the space within the window allows extra storing space or building a window seat while bow’s design consist of custom curved windows which create an arc on the outside of the home that will only add some extra space to the home.

Glass Block Windows

Glass Block Window

They are immobile sturdy windows that won’t open or close, what makes them expensive and difficult to replace. The bright side of this type of windows are their ability to increase light flow where they are placed while keeping privacy due to the pattern design that adorn it.

They are perfect for bathrooms and basements since they bring additional lighting while keeping the room isolated from the exterior, what could be a bad thing if you rather have a view.

Rounded Windows

Round Window

Round windows are all about the look, they will add architectural interest to your home and will bring contrast to modern designs if you match them with large squared windows or glass doors.

The only turn down of round windows is that their uniqueness comes with higher prices, especially if you add decorative grilles and stained glass. But is a price worth to pay for this one in a kind design.

Sliding Windows

Sliding Window

This type of window is perfect for homes with short walls since they make walls seem taller without while using little vertical space compared to single hung windows.

They provide as much ventilation as double and single hung windows. Positioning furniture in a room with sliding windows won’t be a problem since you won’t be setting your furniture in front of them.

Anyway, there are many other types of windows to choose from, but what really matters when picking one is having a budget that covers its installation and knowing where your windows will be more efficient and aesthetical.

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