The Different Types of Roofing Shingles

Roof Shingles

As we’ve said before new roofing is an expensive yet worthy renovation project so is key to have in mind what type of roofing shingles will work better for your needs. There is a couple of roofing shingle materials to check before making a purchase.

Every roofing shingle material has its own benefits and flaws so keep in mind that not everything is about looks and not everything is about budget, if you get informed enough you might find that middle point that will benefit you.

So make sure to check the list above to see every pro and con of the different types of roofing shingles you have available:

Metal Shingles

You might be familiar with this kind of roofing shingles, metallic shingles come in three main options to pick from: Aluminum, Copper and Tin shingles. The average cost range you can find on this option is $7- $13 per square foot, being copper most expensive of the three mainly to its appearance.

Now although Copper shingles share many of the other’s features while being the most expensive it’s also the only of the three materials that will look better over time, that’s where it’s popularity comes from.

In general whatever shingle material you choose will have a very lightweight material that won’t be stressing your roof trusses and that will work perfect if your house is located a in cold climate area.

Ceramic Roofing Shingles

Ceramic roofing tiles can be aesthetically outstanding, there are a variety of ceramic roofing tiles to choose from, like, S-Shaped, Roman or Mission tiles.

This shingle is all about aesthetic; it can imitate wood roofing shingles or look like a classic red clay Mexican tile roof, there are just plenty of ceramic roofing tiles that will have their unique look.

Its only flaw is how easly they can be damaged due to severe weather if we compare it to other shingle options.

Wood Shingles

This particular material helps repelling water while having great resistance against weather related damages such rotting, all of this while having a great aesthetic value.

On the other hand wood shingles require more maintenance than some of the other shingle options which will translate in greater costs in the long run.

Concrete Roof Shingles

Concrete roof shingles have become a trend between homeowners and the industry itself, because of its ability to simulate any other shingle material while keeping its resistance.

Another feature that has made concrete roof shingles so popular is the fact that they are almost maintenance free once installed although this type of shingle will be more expensive and have more stress on your roof trusses is an option worth considering if your home’s structure allows its installation after all it will be investment that might last longer than any other roof shingle option in this list.

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