The 5 Most Common Home Improvement Projects and Their Costs

Home Improvement

Every once in a while homeowners have to deal with upgrades and remodeling that was left off for a long time and can no longer wait to be fixed or maybe you finally got some extra money to invest in your home.

Whatever your case is having a remodeling budget will allow you to invest your money wisely and have an idea of how much money you will be actually expending, so you don’t surprise yourself not being able to finish a project due to budget.

To help you out in this process we have listed the five most popular projects and their average national costs so you have an idea of what your budget could be:

  • Paint home exteriors

The first impression your home will give to people will have a great impact, that’s why a fresh coat of paint to a home’s exterior can add value to your property as well as giving it a renewed look.

The average cost for this project is $2,800. Although you should let this job in professional hands you can cut some of the expenses by covering landscaping with tarps and sanding ground-floor window and siding.

  • Interior wall painting

There’s nothing as noticeable like a fresh coat of paint, it doesn’t take much of your money and will help with your wall’s maintenance so they look as smooth and clean as new.

Painting home interiors is one of the most common projects among home owners and the average cost of it is $1,800.

In order to save some money with this project you will have to consider buying 5-gallon paint containers rather than individual gallons, that way you will be able to save 25 percent or more in the overall cost, picking high quality paint will also help since it will require less coats to cover your walls properly.

  • Install landscaping

Whether you have a particularly large lot or not getting the best out of it will depend on how you distribute plants on it. The average national cost in landscaping is of about $3,300.

Perennial plants like bushes, shrubs, vines and trees can help you save some money thanks to their resistant nature which allows them to survive from year to year as opposite to less resistant plants that might need to be replaced more often translating into more landscaping bills.

  • Remodel bathrooms

This remodel as well as kitchen remodel is the most common and often necessary projects to have done in your house; you can expect a spending of $10,000 on this type of project.

Although it is an expensive investment it is one of the places were we spend most of our time inevitably. In order to save some money in this project you can look for remnants in a stone yard which are leftover slabs you can use in your bathroom vanity, they are often cheap but they come generally in limited units.

  • Lay new flooring

Flooring is usually the most maintenance need area of our house; it gets damaged due to the recurrent use we gave it. Hardwood is the most popular option and the one that shows more damage after use too.

When considered to lie new flooring you could look for opened or damaged boxes of flooring and asks for a discount price, since these ones can be placed where you have big furniture covering it. The average flooring cost is $3.000.


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