States with the highest equity gains

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As never after, country’s homeowner equity has double, creating an environment where this is driving billions of dollars worth for the home improvement. However, there are some states where the equity gains are higher than anywhere else, and here are they:

  1. Denver – Colorado

The home price appreciation has become extremely strong in the last few years, thing that has develop motivation for part of Colorado’s homeowners to make something wonderful with the things that they have.

In this way, the average of homeowner equity in this state has increase almost $22,000 the last year.  One of the strategies more used here is taking on basement remodels, so the homeowners can maximize the square footage in the house at the same time that convert it into a room who they can rent out.

Also, the installation of synthetic grass or landscaping has become another home improvement project in Colorado, that not only reduce water consumptions but also is eco-friendly and good looking.


  • Install synthetic grass or landscaping: $4,600.
  • Remodel a basement: $19,000.
  1. Boston – Massachusetts

In Bay State the homeowners instead of using their money for making the place more good-looking, they use it to fortify it.  In this way, the average of homeowner equity in this state has increase almost $24,000 the last year.  

Some of the things that is a must in this area are:

  • Oil boiles: $5,300.
  • Radiator systems: $3,750.
  • Heating cables for the roof: $800.
  • Fire protection systems: $770.

And as winter approaches, those items are even more important. Besides protect the house and people who lives inside it, it is an indicator that homeowners want to take safety and preservation seriously.

  1. Salt Lake City – Utah

Utah is the third highest dollar gains in homeowner equity in the past few years, increasing $27,200 the last year.

Homeowners in the state of Utah had decide to take care of their houses while they install things such as:

  • Swamp cooler: $2,500.
  • Landscape curbing: $1,200.
  • Brick or stone wall: $4,500.

As a result, homeowners in Utah get a house that not only can deal with the dry and desert climates, but also with the ice buildup on overhangs while keeps elegant and aesthetic.

  1. Sacramento – California

Luckily, people in California are concern for the environment, and the average of homeowner equity in this state has increase in a really extremely way this year: $30,100.

Homeowners here choose to spend their money in things like:

  • Electric vehicle charging station: $640.
  • Swimming pool: $8,200.
  • Game court: $7,600.
  • Waterfall or fountain: $2,600.
  • Earthquake retrofit a home: $4,100.

This things allows them to enjoy their life without hurting the environment.

  1. Olympia – Washington

Washington has an average equity gain of $40,350 the last year, and this is because homeowners here had indulging and investing in projects that help them to stay secure as improve their lifestyle.

Usually, these homeowners install things like:

  • Radiant floor heating system: $3,800.
  • Elevator or chairlift: $4,500.
  • Skylight: $1,500.
  • Water dock: $6,200.
  • Fireplace: $2,100.

In this way, people in Washington get the most prepare and secure houses in the entire country.

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