Replacement Window Costs and Savings

Window Replacement Cost

Depending on what is the condition of your window you will be spending more or less money. Besides the replacing process expenses there might be some extra things, you might have to pay for fees and for your old window’s disposing.

Some of these extra expenses are taken care by licensed contractor which means that if you are expecting to do a window replacement yourself you will have to take in consideration those factors.

Replacement windows vs construction windows

Though you might want to save a couple of dollars through replacement windows, when your window frames are rotten you will need to go for a construction window, you can expect construction windows to be a little expensive going from $50 to $100 per window.

You should consider getting different quotes from contractors in your area to find the prices that will benefit you the most, construction window installation cost can be a little high too.

Window Disposal

When you are doing a window replacement yourself you most consider the afterwork process of disposing of the left-over materials from your old frames and glasses, however if your old windows are in a good condition you can think of donate them too to a charity.

Generally, window disposal expenses aren’t considered by costumers since window contractors take care of those expenses too. Even so, you can expect a cost from $50 to $400 to get ride of your old window and the excess from the project.

Added fees

Again, if you rather choose to hire a window contractor to do your window replacement project some added fees would come across the labor bill.

The most common added fees are delivery charges, specially when a custom window is used because different materials are heavily used and they might come from different places.

Is important to ask about any possible additional fees to avoid having bitter surprises when you have to pay for the window replacement.

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