Replacement window cost

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to do some window replacement, whether the frame material isn’t as energy efficient as you need it to be or it might be a wooden frame that needs more maintenance than what your time allows you to give to your windows.

window cost

Other issues why you should consider replacing your windows are having some air drafts that are transferring undesired heat or cold.

Many people think about a damaged glass as a visibly broken glass but the reality is that glass can be damaged due to swollen and shrinking generated by changes in the climate through the seasons.

Or maybe you are looking for a different window design that might allow more air into the house or better lighting or simply you’d like to try a new style concept for your house. In any case these are the average prices on this operative window varieties:

 Casement window

This type of window is used for ventilation, thanks to its design, they swing away from the frame almost completely giving the maximum ventilation possible.

Its design generally comes with a fixed pane place in the middle, having left and right opening casement windows, they have a crank open mechanism that doubles as a lock, or in some other models the lock and crank are separated to made them more secure.

Casement windows are usually placed in basement or near ceilings because of their ventilation use. The average price on them goes from $275 to $750 per window.

Sliding windows

The main advantage on sliding windows is the view they offer; their sliding mechanism makes their design one of the most unobstructed ones and gives them a touch of modernity.

However, this type of window is recommended to be used in ground floor only because their easy cleaning maintenance is done through removing the top pane what will require leaning out of an unscrewed window.

Sliding window prices goes from $325 to $1200 per window.

Single-hung windows

Single-hung windows are known for their good insulation, they are made of two panes, being the bottom pane the only able to slide. They have vertical opening which gives them a classic style.

They should be used in ground floor only since cleaning them will require leaning out of the window to reach the upper sash. Their cost goes from $175 to $350 per window.

Double-hung windows

Differently from the single-hung windows, double-hung windows are able to slide both, upper and lower sashes. Since both panes can be open there’s an improved air circulation.

Their cleaning is safer than the single-hung one’s since they can lean inward. Their price goes from $300 to $800 per window.

Cost factors on window replacement

Those costs given above are taken having into account that the window replaced is going into an existing and properly fitted frame place on the ground floor; window replacement done in upper floors will have an increase on the prices.

How much money you will spend on the replacement will depend on how many windows will be replaced, ten windows going from $3000 to $7000 in the other hand if the framing most be replaced the cost my raise as much as 50% to 100%

If you have many windows to be replaced is better to consider doing it all at once since it will save you money in the long run. Always choose quality contractors and keep in mind energy efficient technologies to improve comfort while saving money.



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