Removing stains from asphalt roofs

A home’s roof maintenance is always left last because of the difficulty of getting up there to clean it or simply because that’s the last thing we think about when we are at home. though, its maintenance is key to get the longest life span possible, so you should pay attention to your roof more often, especially to any suspicious stain.
The roof above your head is the most important part of your house, and its malfunctioning carries highly damaging issues such leaks and possible rot of the structure of the house. So, keep an eye on discoloration, dark staining or tarnishing, those should be removed as soon as possible with a roof stain removal.

Staining in your roof should be alarming because most of the time what looks like a harmless stain are fungus spores set in the shingles or even mildew, and if left untreated these will lead into deterioration of the roof.

Asphalt Roof

You might have the best stain removal at home

Chlorine bleach is a very efficient roof mold removal. In order to use it as stain remover you will have to mix one part of bleach and a pinch of tri-sodium phosphate with three parts of water, that will make a really strong solution; that’s why is important to be careful with nearby foliage.

Plants can be greatly damaged by bleach, so to make sure that plants, like shrubs and trees, that surround the area where you are going to work don’t get damaged you should spray them with water, before and after cleaning with bleach, and cover them while you work with bleach, that way the damage they’ll take will be minor, if any.

Now, use a standard garden pump sprayer to gently apply the chlorine solution to the infected surface, you’ll have to be careful not getting the solution over other parts of the house, scrubbing isn’t needed since the friction generated by it can remove granule coating on the shingles.

After it sits for a few minutes you will have to rinse it with a hose and let it dry, if the area is still slick and slimy after it is fully dry you will have to repeat the process; never power wash your roof, it might lose the granulates on the roof if you do.

How to prevent contamination of your roof

The way to avoid premature damages in your roof due to contamination is to have some roof stain removal product installed by an expert roofer, that way you will prevent mildew growth while preserving your roof longer, some product options are:

  • Zinc strips: small strips that are installed near the apex of your roof. An small amount of the zinc residue will dissolve every time it rains or snows, running down the pitch with it, creating a protective layer that inhibit future fungus growth.
  • Anti-growth sprays: this will protect your roof against return of fungus if used after a good roof mold removal.
  • Resistant Shingles: though they aren’t a common product yet, they are really useful. They have a special additive attached to the asphalt using copper granules.

There are several options besides bleach, but avoid any lye-based solution because it can cause even worse damages to your roof. You can always contact a professional, they generally use more complex mixtures while using more advanced appliance techniques and if you rather do it yourself, you can also get some zinc compound product in a hardware store.

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