My house was flooded – what to do?

flooled house

There are so many people affected by natural dissasters such as hurricanes of 3 or 4 category, that may be not only disastrous, but incredibly overwhelming, and depending on the storm and its effects, homeowners might face devastating problems like:

  • Standing water in the living room.
  • Trees and debris spread across your lawn and driveway.
  • The roof completely torn apart.

However, arter the last hurricanes there have been plenty studies about which one are the house’s areas with the most damage result, so people will know which projects they may have to do in their houses once the storm has passed:

  1. Consult an electrician

The first thing to do after the storm passes is to consult an electrician, even if there are power or not, because there is always the possibility of getting an electric shoch, even more if the place is wading through water. The best thing is remain the power off until an electrician inspect the house.

  • The average cost of hiring an electrician is about $320.
  1. Remove standing water

Removing the standing water includes cleaning out the ducts as the pumps and use a professional dryers. This project has to be executed has soon as possible because wet walls and floors can breed and be really dangerous for the structure.

  • The average cost of removing standing water is: $2,800.
  • The average cost of removing mold: $2,250.
  • The average cost of testing for mold: $720.

         3. Install an electric generator

Usually when there is a storm everyone lost their electricity, so an electronic generator will appliance its power to a multiple rooms in the house.

  • The average cost of installing a generator is about: $3,550.
  1. Inspect the roof

Hurricane’s winds are able of lifting the shingles and tiles of the rood as tear it all apart. Besides that, water can seep into the wall if you do not fix it as it is neccesary.  After a huricane you will need to hire an inspector to evaluate the damage.

  • The average cost of hiring a roof inspector: $220.
  • The average cost of repairing the roof: $780.
  • The average cost of seal a roof: $820.
  • The average cost of intalling a new roof: $7,200.
  1. Remove and clear the trees

A really heavy storm as huricanes can uproot trees and branches, throwing them into driveways, roads, cars and even houses. And while a cosmetic tree can be put off by yourself, if it is something bigger the best thing you could do is pay to remove it.

  • The average cost of removing trees and debris: $740.

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