Metal Roofs – Your All You Need to Know Guide

Metal Roofing Aluminum Tin

Metal roof designs have come a long way now, they are far from those flat rigid and rustic tin roofs most people picture. Along with their durable and lightweight construction they have become a homeowner’s favorite now.

Currently there are several options in metal roofing to choose from however they mostly carry the same features, so you will be mostly picking the look that you are looking to have in your home.

Here are some of the main characteristics you will get with metal roofing.

Metal Roof Durability

Mainly metal roofs have been praised because of their tough nature, at the point where generally they come with a 30 or 50 year warranty, which is not that impressive considering that most metal roofing can survive through a house structure’s whole lifetime.

Other benefits of metal roofs are their ease of installation, since they are considerably lighter weighted than conventional shingles; this feature in particular allows metal roofs to be installed over any existing surface avoiding any major demolition.

Metal Roofing Benefits

  • Energy Efficiency: their ability to reflect light during summer will save you money on utility bills. However, this material is not well known for being an insulating material by itself, that’s why is necessary to have a gap between the exterior’s surfaces and the roof’s structure which will come handy in winter when ventilation and interior thermal reflectivity can deflect heat to the inside of your house.
  • Resistance: metal roofing trademark’s is resistance. This material can handle any kind of weather, from hurricane winds to heavy precipitations, the robust structure of this material will keep it from rotting or getting rusty, if properly galvanized.
  • Waterproofness: The composition of metal roofs makes it really hard to get any water inside of your home. Also its smooth surfacing makes it easier to have snow sliding from it as it builds up.

Metal Roof Disadvantages

  • It’s Slippery: as well as its slick surface comes handy in certain situations it equally can become a handicap, this when walking on top of your roof is needed which will require being extra careful. Anyways textured metal roofing can be as slip guarding as asphalt shingles.
  • Its cost: metal roofing is not inexpensive at all, it can ranges between $200 and $500 per every 100 square feet, but is an investment worth considering, after all it is extremely durable and will pay in the long run if you consider living in the same home for a long period of time.
  • It’s noisy: when rain pours over metal roof it gets loud, it makes some drum like sound inside the house, but as with the previous issues there’s a way to fix this and is by having soundproof insulation or sheating on it.

As durable and lightweight as this material is metal roofing needs proper installation, otherwise, further issues, like seepages due to bad ventilation during the installation process, can harm its construction.

Additionally, it might be really resistant but it can also get easily scratched and dulled, also metal roofing tends to expand or contract over time that’s why it’s fundamental to have a roofer with experience when installing or making any kind of repair on metal roofs.

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