Hiring a roofer? Here’s your checklist


The top of your house is usually the most forgettable part of it, very few people will ever compliment how nice your roof is; even you are going to forget about your roof until it gets damaged in any way. But not taking in consideration how much your roof influences aspects like energy-efficiency of the house and long-term inhabitability is a big mistake.

Roofs can add architectural value to the house in the real state market and thus contracting a professional roofer is the key to choose a roof that adapts to your needs and at the same time offers the comfort and security you deserve. And to find the right one, you will have to keep in mind these 4 steps

  1. Make your research

You can’t go blind picking on every recommendation a roofer gives you, though it might seem obvious that getting in touch with a roofer right away should be the first step it isn’t, at least not if you don’t have enough knowledge on the matter and even if you do you can take a look into new technologies that are available.

Tough, you don’t need to be an expert, knowing that some roofs aren’t installed in the same way the manufacturer recommends. That information can save you some time when first talking to a contractor about the installation process. And is not like you better have all the answers about the roof you want but you need to have clear picture of what you would like and what will fit better your necessities.

  1. Contact contractors

As when we are shopping, comparing rates and estimates of different roofers will help you out picking the right one. What you could do to make the talking process smoother is to contact contractors during the winter season, because in that time contractors have more time to spend and thus it will mean more in-depth preparation to get your project done once the weather is reasonable enough.

Chances are some contractors even offer you discounts by signing the project during this season, but don’t chose cheaper hourly rate over skill and experience. Always ask about their previously completed projects in your area and if possible talk to the homeowners to get a better idea of how the working process went.

  1. Have a strategy

There is a plethora of options when you talk about roofing materials and styles, but ultimately what we all look for is more bang for our buck and with some help of your roofer you will have to crunch the numbers to finally pick a durable roofing option that adjusts to your budget and to the aesthetic depiction you wanted for your home.

  1. Communicate

There are many smart topics to approach with your roofer, like warranties and the expected project length to then avoid further inconveniences that could had been solve in this stage of the project.

If your roof isn’t installed correctly and the roofer you choose didn’t provide any warranty either, the manufacturer’s warranty might be void. Also keep the communication throughout the project to make sure the work is developing efficiently or to solve any problem that could delay the stablished time to complete the project.

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