Hipped roof – your guide to hipped roofing

Hipped Roof

Homeowners have to go through picking multiple options for every single piece of their houses, but the most important one is the roof that’s going to cover your goods and family.

That’s why choosing the right option that satisfies your needs and gives you the aesthetic you wish is fundamental. Homeowner’s favorite is the hipped roof; hipped roofs have a really simple look yet aesthetically modern style.

Another great addition you get from hipped roofs is the extra storage space you can get or simple the taller look that will make your home look roomier. Below we will dive in all the great aspects hipped roofs have to offer.

Hipped Design

Hipped roof sloped downward toward the walls construction adds space to the house. However there are plenty options of hipped roofs too some will give you more extra space than others, something that you should consider if you have a big family or simply need some extra storing space.

Still every hipped roof option has its own benefits and downsides, before building your hipped roof pick the one that will adapt better to your necessities.

Benefits of Hipped Roofs

Hipped roofs can be more resistant to hurricanes or tornados, this due to its design that doesn’t have large flat faces differently from other type of roofs. So if you live in a hurricane or tornado susceptible area you should consider getting a hipped roof.

The way to go if you want to get the least damage from extreme winds is to have your roof slopes at a minimum of 35° from horizontal, that in conjunction with the steeply sloped design of hipped roofs will minimize the chances of greater damage gotten from wind related weather phenomenon.

Another benefit, as mentioned above, is the extra storage space that you get with hipped roof’s designs. This will allow the top section of your home to be more useful, whether you destine this space for the attic or for vaulted ceilings.

Uses for Hipped Roofs

Frank Lloyd Wright was the pioneer on the hipped roof design of prairie style homes, ever since it has been used. In the later 19th and 20th century it became a trend in large multi-story homes which commonly exhibited hipped roofing.

Currently hipped roofs have evolved having many different variations; they are no longer used only for bungalows and cottages. Lately they are a piece of modern architecture due the simplicity of its design, even so that they are found in buildings, from the likes of prefab buildings to ultra-modern buildings.

Besides picking the hipped roof that fits your needs you will have to contact quality roofers that deliver the construction work in time and with the best possible finished result, we encourage you to take a look to our website where you can find all of this.

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