Hip Roofs

Hipped roofs have a particularly different design from flat roofs or gabled roofs, because the don’t have the any flat nor vertical sides. In a squared hip roof all the sides slope down to the eaves from a single point, while in a rectangular one it creates an edge using the added length.

Although hip roofs aren’t flawless in their design they have incredible features too, and for their solidness and practicality they are the perfect choice for cottages and ranch houses, where an emphasis on the horizontality of a house design is preferred.

Hip Roof

Pros and Cons of hip roofs

Hipped roofs are perfectly fitted for windstorm areas, their aerodynamic design allows it to reduce the risks of structural damage in case of strong winds caused by hurricanes. Even though hip roofs drain well, compared to other roof options, they are more susceptible to leaks than gabled roofs. Also hipped roofs aren’t the best roof design to let air into the house

But still, many homeowners chose the protection that hipped roofs’ aerodynamic design gives their house against strong wings over the higher price that carries this roof design. The main reason why it has a higher price compared to other roof options is because hip roofs have a bigger area size.

Dutch Hipped roofs

If you are looking for an option that is resistant against windstorms but at the same time ventilates well enough you should consider a Dutch hipped roof. This hip roof variation has a small structure near the top of the roof that resembles gable’s structure and actually provides a similar ventilation to the one provided by gable roofs without missing the characteristic wind resistant of hipped roofs.

Dutch hipped roof’s can also include dormers in the middle of its structure functioning as an attic or as a second-story window, adding an aesthetically differentiating touch to your home while allowing more air into the house.

Another way to improve the hip roof’s design is by having some overhanging past the eaves, that way your walls will be more protected from moisture and will also give the house some shade that could help cool off the structure. However, an overhanging that’s too large can compromise the aerodynamic design of your hip roof that keeps it from receiving great damages from windstorms.

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