Gable Roofs – All you need to know

Gable Roof

Gable roofs are everywhere around America, the iconic American house look starts by their gable roofs, and it’s so because of many reasons: they are affordable and perfectly fitted for rain and snow since their design allows melting to wear down snow.

There are a couple of different designs to choose from if you are looking into this type of roofing and every one of them offers a slightly different aesthetic, it’s up to you which one will match your style but consider the detail when choosing

Variations on Gable Roof design

As we said before, there are a couple of gable roof styles to choose from, however there’s one of them that stands out of the rest of the options when it comes to functionality

  • Single Gable Roof

Single gable roofs are the most popular option among homeowners, its structures consists of two sloped surfaces; these surfaces meet at the top of the roof line and form the iconic triangular shape gable roofs are known for.

  • Cross Gable Roof

Cross gable share pretty much the same layout as Single Gable Roofs just that as its name suggests it consists of two or more regular roofs placed perpendicularly to each other.

  • French Gable Roof

Again the layout is almost the same, two sloped surfaces, the difference is that they don’t meet on top instead these roofs ends slightly lower down, giving this flat spot at the pinnacle of the house resembling an old world meets gothic look.

Weather Resistance

This roof’s functionality relays in its layout, that triangle shape makes rain and snow fall by its own weight because of gravity; by this every weather related damage will be avoid since it will always be off the roof and away from the home’s structure.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of variations on their pitches, aside from the variations on styles. Gable roofs can range from strong grades to barely noticeable slopes, yet every one of them share the same main utility which is improving the roof’s efficiency to run off water keeping your roof and the whole house from getting damaged by weather related issues.

The best roof you can get for your money

Gable roofs not only can be modern looking, efficient but also one of the cheapest roofing options in the market. Its popularity is what’s behind its cheap roof build quality.

Gable roofs are now factory produced by companies; these pre-built trusses are often used by contractors which cuts on production costs as well as in the extra costs charged when contractors have to build the roof from scratch.

There’s no doubt you won’t be getting any other roof for the price and the efficiency that you can get from gable roof as well as the ease of installation. If you are digging into keeping a budget and taking care of your home, gable roofs are the best option out there.

As is the case with any roof installation or project remember to contact an expert to take care of the work with the necessary permits and security measures.

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