Electricians and Plumbers – Mechanical Contractors and Their Business


A great part of remodeling costs comes from mechanical installations that need to be done. Normally, plumbers and electricians are busy but due to late events they have seen an increase on their revenue.

Hurricanes Irma, Maria and Harvey increased home depot to above 60 percent of the expected revenues per project by contractors. Aside from that people keep remodeling and getting minor fixes in their HVAC.

Average mechanical contractors costs

  •             Hiring and electrician $316
  •             Hiring a plumber $302
  •             Installing a new central air conditioning unit $5,329
  •             Repairing an air conditioner $336
  •             Installing a new furnace $4,193
  •             Remodeling a Bathroom $9,574
  •             Remodeling a Kitchen $21,892

Other trends that are leading mechanical contractors to get this increase in their work are mainly homeowners keeping up with differed maintenance and luxurious smart technologies that sometimes demand an intensive work on wiring and some other electrical tasks.

Smart technologies had become a trend since many tech companies have invest on them creating a variety of options to choose from that can fit more budgets offering lifestyle improvements.

Additionally contractors are dealing with common renovations like bathroom makeovers; although bathrooms are generally small places when compared to other areas of the house they require considerable construction work.

One of the most expensive things about having a bathroom renovation is the plumbing which generally requires walls or floors to be cut and pipes to be replaced.

Every once in a while electrical installation require maintenance and again these kind of repairs carry mechanical works of construction, walls being cut and capacitated electricians to take care of the whole setting up.

Replacement and Mechanical contractors business near future

The increment that the home improvement industry has seen is expected to keep rising in the estimative months, giving a faster rise compared to what it was during the last year.

The current panorama has given to the home improvement industry an additional $282 million in sales.

Not only contractors have been beneficed by the recent stage in home improvement, homeowners are having an easier access to loans and lines of credit on home equity.

This ease of access to support has translated in homeowners improving their home’s comfort through remodels and fixes that were put off before, as bigger projects had been prepared lately.

Projects to consider after flooding

In a darker side of this tendency are homeowners who have to deal with necessary renovations as their houses were affected by flooding. After several hurricanes hit through the years the most common projects homeowners had to go through are:

1- Consult and electrician

Is imperative to have an electrician checking your gas and electric installations after being affected by a hurricane or any type of highly damaging situation affects your house in order to keep safety and proper function of your home.

2- Take care of standing water

Humidity will led to structural damage, to remove standing waters it might be necessary to get ducts cleaned, use sump pumps or even get professional dryers. All of that hast to be fixed after taking care of any other damages faced.

3- Get roofs inspected

A hurricane can easily tear your whole roof if sever enough. Getting someone to inspect your roof will save you from further problems, such water seeping into the walls and damaged gutters, which should be fixed before any other improvement is done to your property.

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