Dormers – the pros and cost of dormers

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Dormers are one of a kind window and it’s nearly impossible for dormer windows not to stand out from the outside of a home, since they stick vertically from a slanted roof. Their natural eye catching positioning is just one of the many features they add to a house.

Though its position can also be a flaw since they are particularly hard to install, its installation requires certain license, as well as an expensive project though there are more pros than cons when you consider installing dormers, it will definitely be a project worth investing in because of many reasons

  • Dormers add air flow to the house

Given their position they can let more air into the house, especially into the attic, which is very important for your roofing’s lifespan. Also it let in more lighting into the attic while adding height to it as well as square footage in the upper areas where they are located.

  • Dormers add openings to your house

One of least things we like to think about is an emergency, but is better to be safe than sorry; dormers create an alternative opening that could come handy in a situation where an emergency exit is required.

  • Dormers add architectural value to your home

The roof’s surface covers great part of your home’s exterior, and dormers stand out from the pattern created by the roofing you have. These differential aesthetic can’t be ignored and that will definitely add value to your property in the moment you put it on sell.

Dormer types

You have a plethora of dormer options to choose from. There isn’t much of a difference feature between them but different aesthetics, and that’s what you should consider, having the type of dormer that matches your houses style.

Another thing to have in consideration is the construction process behind a dormer window. Dormer windows are placed in a difficult position of the house and the one you choose will depend on the structure of your house and the budget you have.

Shed: this type of dormer is the most basic structurally and its main function is to maximize the space underneath it.

Flat: flat dormer windows are the ones that have a flat roof at the top of it.

Gabel: this is the most popular dormer window design; it has a pointed roof above it.

Barrel: this type of dormer window has a rounded roof over the window.

Eyebrow: this dormer window’s design has a curve over the window which makes resemblance to an eyebrow.

False dormer: this dormer only works as a false dormer to show in the exterior, which means that it doesn’t add any feature to the home but aesthetic value.

Recessed dormer: this type of dormer is inserted into the roof.

Hipped: this one is a gabled dormer sloped backwards into the roof.

The installation of a dormer is a very difficult project and it is better left to professional constructors who have the required permits that every specific area asks for. They can also take care of any material concern or structural issue so get in touch with qualified contractors.

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