Custom Window Cost

Custom Window

Sometimes finding the perfect window that fits one’s expectations becomes nearly impossible and that’s when custom windows become your better option, they are the way to express your style through the design of your home, the only limitation will be your imagination and your budget.

There might be certain spaces you are looking to fill with a unique piece of architectural craft, you might be willing to replicate an existing frame while adding some distinctive touches, and there’s where the pricing will vary.

Window Sizing

Is important to have a clear idea of the space that is going to be used to install the windows you are willing to have; your custom window will be made out of the measurement taken by you or by a professional.

Type of Window

Another factor that will influence in the pricing you will get is the level of difficulty of the installation due to the design you are expecting to get or to the place where you are hopping to get it placed.

Since custom windows are mostly unique pieces their crafting requires more time and certain degree of technique in order to make your vision come true. Custom windows’ unique looks come with a higher price to be paid.

Volume Discounts

While they offer a challenge, some contractors offer packages or discounts based on the amount of unites you are willing to have installed, while generally having more windows installed means an increase on the costs you shouldn’t close to the idea of getting to an agreement with your contractor.

These are the price ranges for installation per window

  • 1-4 windows installed will cost you $1,200 – $3,200
  • 4-10 windows installed will cost you $3,300 – $6,500
  • over 10 windows installed will cost  you $8,500 – $20,600

Custom windows will add value to your home while adding a unique style to your home’s exterior. Although it represents a great investment it will be returned to you in the event of sale.

This is the average cost of custom window units based on the number of windows

  • From 1-4 windows you can expect a cost of $2200
  • From 5-10  windows you can expect a cost of $4900
  • Over 10 windows can cost 14500

Other factors that will influence the prices of your custom windows are the glazing you are expecting to use, whether if it will be custom too or not and possible further considerations on your designs in order to add security.

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