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Usually when it is about getting a new roof, people try to see the options available and choose the one that is more adaptable for their necessities. In this way, of all the roofing options available for a house, asphalt is the most popular and available in terms of performance and cost.

However, most homeowners does not know that there are different asphalts and that they are not created equal, and those variations will affect their cost and quality.

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Asphalt shingle materials

Even when asphalt is the type of roofing material, the core of the asphalt shingles can be made of two other different types of materials, and there is what you need to know:

  1. Composition shingles: is essentially another catch-all phrase. It is actually asphalt roofing but uses asphalt and organic or fiberglass cores to create it.
  2. Organic shingles: is a shingle made from the mixture of wood and paper fibers. This core is the standard one, but is rarely used by people because of its lower life expectancy. However, it can still be pretty effective in colder and dryer climates.
  3. Fiberglass shingles: These ones are created with a core of fiberglass, and that creates the best resistance to moisture and fire. Also, it is lighter than any other so it is easier to work with.

Asphalt shingle styles

  1. Strip shingle: considered the traditional one, people usually calls it “Three-tab” because of its allowance for a wide variety of patterns and light-an-shadow options. In this style, each strip shingle is divided into three tabs to seem like an individual shingle with the easy installation of strips.
  2. Laminated shingle: also known as architectural shingle of three-dimensional shingle, are used varying thickness, spacing, and number to create dynamic, three-dimensional looks that are generally preferred by both architects and homeowners alike.
  3. Interlocking shingle: even when they are the less popular, they are the best option for the ones that live in a windy climate.
  4. Individual shingle: The main advantage of an individual shingle is its flexibility. They are made in hexagonal and rectangular patterns that allow its application and style.

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Problems with asphalt roof shingles

Asphalt roof shingles are certainly popular around the word for be easy to install and less expensive than any other roof material, but there is always a problem with it. The common complaint about this kind of shingle is their durability.

Even when the cost of asphalt shingles comes with a pretty nice warranty of at least 50 years, they are also known for become damaged before the warranty expires. and if the manufacturer determines your roofer didn’t install the roof according to “specifications,” you’ll be out of luck.

In the end, asphalt roofing is still the most cost-effective roofing out there, but it does require greater diligence from the homeowner to find both a reputable manufacturer and a reputable roofing contractor to install it.

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