Copper Gutters – Add Style To Your Home

Copper Gutter

Rain gutters are probably some of the most underrated piece in a home’s exterior. But as much as some people like to say they are unnecessary they have proven to help on keeping your home’s exterior from humidity and the damages it carries.

Every home needs rain gutters, even the ones in areas where raining and snowing doesn’t happen that often, the lack of them is something that homeowners only notice when their home’s suffer the problems rain and snow do to the walls and structure of the house.

And not only they can be functional but also a piece of design for your house’s exterior, at least copper gutters can be with their unique eye catching material composition.

Why Copper Gutters

Copper gutters have convoluted gutters for good, they are not the regular gutters that you’d like to hide from your home’s exterior rather they’ll be a fundamental part of what your home’s exterior appeal has, to a degree where they parallel wood trim.

The difference between the wood trim you can find inside your house and coppers is that coppers are generally made of metal or plastic and they are usually painted to don’t let them show or to accent the home’s exterior.

But copper gutters are the exception, they look stylish, there’s something shocking when you see copper gutters in buildings, it’s just mind-blowing how gutters are commonly unnoticed from a building’s structure.

Copper gutters show how beautiful a gutter can be and how a piece like it can enhance the look of a house or a building.

How to Maintain Copper Gutters

As you might see in old building, copper gutters turn green, copper will oxidize if it isn’t properly treated and that will give it that characteristic green look. There are sealing processes that can be applied to copper gutters which gives them a gold cooper look however there’s nothing that can stop gutter from age, it always show.

Though, some people find that soft green look from the oxide in the coopers to match the look they want in their homes, especially when they are trying to get an old stone home style and even better if complemented with some ivy.

But aside from the look oxide gives copper it will never rust or rot, as soft as this material is it is strong metal that can keep up with weather better than many other material gutters are made of. And though they can be a little more expensive, basic installation is about $20 per foot, they will last longer because of copper.

Another factor that makes its installation more expensive is the fact that copper is not an easy material to work with, and it will require more skill from your gutter contractor because that person might need to shape it or torch it.

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