Composite roofing


Some people think that the inside of the house is the most important part of the house, but as it is, the exterior are an important role as well. The siding is the thing that protects everything against exposure.

In this case, windows and doors allow only entry of exiting, but the most important surface in the house is the one that gets the least amount of attention: the roof. This is because roofs are the ones that receive the abuse of the direct sunlight and rainfall, thermal heat loss and UV rays.

However, in order to get the best protection, there is a new kind of roof called composite roofing.

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What is a composite roof?

A composite roof is the one that is constructed of multiples materials that are blended and compressed in one piece of shingle. It can be a composition of materials such as fiberglass, plastic, polyester, wood, recycled paper and others. Sometimes a composite roof can be referred as asphalt shingle because they might be also covered in granulated asphalt for things like waterproofing and UV protection.

What does a composite roof looks like?

Composite roofing is not that different from any other roof, except for the fact that it comes in long rectangles with a three tab style. These notches interlock and overlap with one and another, making an easy and economical installation. In fact, they give an excellent illusion of individual shake shingles that can imitate the look of several different traditional materials, even wood. They come in different colors and shapes.

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Is composite roofing better than anything else?

In some ways composite roofing is better than any other, not only because it is made to have the best durability in the market, about 50 years or lifetime warranties guaranteeing of the product, and even when they may not have the authenticity of traditional materials, this makes them more valuable.

Composite roofing is actually tested with things such as wind, fire and hurricanes. Composite roofing holds more heat and winds than any other kind of wood shingles. In this way, it can resist winter really easy. There are even composite roofing made for salt-air, algae and snow buildup resistance.

However, if you use composite roofing then you need to get a proper ventilation or insulation as well in order to avoid heat absorption.

What kind of maintenance is required for composite roofing?

The best thing about composite roofing is that it does not need a lot of maintenance to be in perfect conditions. The only problem that is has is that is often algae buildup, even more in wet areas. This buildup is able to deteriorate shingles and obstruct the water flow.

In order to fix this, you cannot power wash the composite roof because it may cause an unnecessary wear and tear. Instead of that, the best thing someone could do is to apply a chemical solution on the algae to prevent it.

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