Bay Vs Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are two elegant pieces that enhance the overall look of a house, both give a very sophisticated appearance that brings everybody’s eyes to the front of a house.

From the inside both window pieces show how much they differentiate, their usability and viewing ranges to outside’s landscape might differ since both are made of a very different glass positioning which will change the viewer’s perspective.

In any case if yet you can’t quite picture the difference between both options a more explicit description of every great aspect from both windows will make up your mind about the window that will represent your taste.

Bay Window

Bay Window

Bay windows have a very classic look made of three windows, every window having a different size. The center window being the biggest of the three windows and having the two left on the sides forming and angle of 30-40 degrees with the wall, these two windows are called flankers.

The bay window’s look is iconic and it isn’t just beautiful but functional, bay windows offer a panoramic unobstructed view. The most common window bay’s design has double hung windows which provide great ventilation.

Another great feature of bay window is that they could add functionality to your living room thanks to its protrude design coming farther from the wall, the nature of that design gives more interior space.

With this extra interior space made by the window you could host plants, make a window seat, have some additional storing space or simply let it open to have more usable space in the room.

Bow window

Bow Window

Bow windows are kind of the opposite to bay windows. Bow windows have a symmetrical style, they are usually made from three to six windows, though their view range isn’t as clear as the bay windows’ when used classic small squared frames.

In order to have a less obstructed view consider to avoid using too many of those small squared framed windows within the pattern of the frame. Thanks to its flat design bow windows allow much more natural light into the house than bay windows.

Another good aspect of the curved shape formed by the symmetrically flat frames from the bow windows is that it gives a more modern air. Also, that kind of design allows better ventilation inside the room.

Though the ventilation got from bow windows will depend on the amount of hardware used in the frames, what could translate into a more obstructed view but is clear that you will get more natural light and ventilation with bow windows.

Whatever your choice is, those windows will give your home a differentiating look, the nature of both window’s design make them more expensive since they need more glazing work. Remember to own quality glass in order to have energy efficient windows.

Additionally, bow and bay windows require a greater construction work than normal windows. Is because of that that you will have to contract experienced contractors who will deliver that polished look you are looking to have in your home.

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