Bathroom and kitchen remodeling – quick wins –


The bathroom and kitchen are the first two things to remodelate in your home, not just because you will get compliments of everyone, but because they make your home more beautiful and stylized.

The hard thing in this subject is to decide, which one should be remodel first?, and even when people tend to answer this question by knowing which one will have the biggest impact in their home and the sale price, for those who will not sell his house the best way to decide is by asking themselves:

  1. Which one is cheaper?

This is linked to what type of remodeling people want to do for bathrooms and kitchens, because there can be extreme variation in the price ranges between mind-range and major remodels.

  • Kitchen: On a national average its variation goes from $19,000 for mind-range and $57,000 for major remodels.
  • Bathroom: Using the same data, its variation goes from $17,000 for mind-range and $40,000 for major remodels that include adding space on it.

In this way, bathrooms are cheaper to remodel than kitchens.

  1. Which one is less disruptive?

Since the kitchen and the bathroom are important spaces that you need in your house that cannot be replaced by any other, but if you have to decide with one is the one that you could live without for an entire month, you should choose the kitchen.

While you could live without the kitchen because the plenty alternatives that exist, such as delivery, microwave, fast food and restaurants, when it is about the bathroom there are no options.

  1. Which one is faster?

Bathrooms usually take about 18-24 days to get done, while kitchens take between 1-2 months.

  1. Which one is better for resale?

The best you could do for a house that is about to get resale is remodel its kitchen, not only because it is the heart of the home, but because is the first thing that people care about in a house, becoming the visual focal point for buyers.

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