An Easy Way to Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Energy Efficiency

Electric bills can take so much of your income that you’d rather use in other things, and what if while saving money you could make your place more comfortable? Well, all of that can be done through your windows, whether you replace them or just update them.

Improving your windows can make a big difference if using energy efficient windows hacks, here are some of the different ways you can make your windows more energy efficient:

  • Window Films

One of the great things about window films is that you can use it in glasses you already own since they have an adhesive layer that sits against the glass.

Window films are very useful to lower ultraviolet exposure, glare and also solar heat gain; however, window films are better used in long cooling season climates since they block sun’s heat in winters.

Some low-e coating films can also improve your glazing, these films are generally inexpensive and in the long run it can help you reduce energy loss by 30% to 50% while increasing the comfort of your spaces.

  • Window Awnings

Awnings are installed in the outside of the home, they are roof-like shelters and can reduce solar heat gain in the summer by 65%.

Awnings can be used to shade a window or you can make a customized awning to shade a side of your house, nevertheless awnings had to have openings whether in the sides or the tops in order to avoid keeping hot air trapped.

However, awnings are recommended for summer and warm seasons, in winter you will have to remove them or install roll up or retractable awnings.

The best materials awnings can be made of are opaque tightly woven acrylic or polyvinyl fabric laminates since they are generally water-repellent and can resist mildew and fading.

If you would rather replace your windows or happen to be in construction these things are to be consider to make your windows energy efficient:

  • Window Framing

Vinyl frames have become one of the most popular options nowadays and is because of their resistance, they don’t require frequent maintenance, their PVC materials and UV stabilizers keep sunlight from damaging the materials.

Other vinyl’s properties worth mentioning are their good moisture resistance and the possibility of filling the vinyl frame’s hollow cavities with insulation to make them more energy efficient than standard vinyl and wood frames.

There are other framing materials like fiberglass frames, which can be filled with insulation like vinyl ones. And metal frames which are almost maintenance free but can conduct heat very rapidly so it wouldn’t be as efficient as fiberglass and vinyl frames.

  • Glazing

there are many factors that will influence in the energy efficiency of your windows and choosing the type of glasses you will use is one of the most important things.

When comes to glazing low-emissivity coatings are the best option, there are many types of low-e coatings so they can fit different needs with high, moderate or low solar gain, also low-e coating lowers the U-factor of your windows.

These coatings consist of thin metallic oxide layers deposited in the surface of the panes of glass. There are some low-e coating films that you can apply yourself as well and save a couple some bucks will having this technology on your windows.

Besides what you’ve read, there are some attachments that are worth considering and will help improve the energy efficiency of your windows like window quilts and window screens, windows can help improve the comfort of a place very much.

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