Home improvement by states


Home improvement products in the USA is one of the major topics on homeowners’ minds, not only because it hit $303 billion dollars last years, but because it is the best way to get a nice looking home. However, make renovations (more…)

The top 5 happiest and unhappiest places for homeowners in the USA


Happiness is the most important thing for people, and it comes with things like accessibility, community and security. In order to know people’s opinion of wich place are the happiest and unhappiest to live, (more…)

Tile roofing


There are some areas of the country and the world where tile roofing is pretty common. This has become a part of the landscape in the Southwest because of its distinctive appearance, giving a unique and identifiable look to the area. (more…)

Roof repair – finding and fixing leaks


The roof of a home has the function of protecting all the structure below from rain, snow and sunlight; but specially moisture is what affect homeowners the most. If you find any spreading water stain, sagging drywall or an active drip, (more…)

Flat Roofs


If you live in a dry area that receives little or almost no rain you might had heard of flat roofs, but if you haven’t you should know they are a very economical choice, specially from a building perspective. However, their shortcoming is their natural inability to get (more…)

The durability of an asphalt shingle roof


As we all know, asphalt shingle roofing is one of the most durable, adaptable and cost effective roofing materials on the market of the whole word. In addition, because of its easier and quick way to install it, makes it a choose that implies the (more…)

Hiring a roofer? Here’s your checklist


The top of your house is usually the most forgettable part of it, very few people will ever compliment how nice your roof is; even you are going to forget about your roof until it gets damaged in any way. But not taking in consideration how much your roof (more…)

Cost effective roofing – asphalt shingles

roofing shingles

Usually when it is about getting a new roof, people try to see the options available and choose the one that is more adaptable for their necessities. In this way, of all the roofing options available for a house, asphalt is the most (more…)

Heating cables for roofs

Roof Heating Cables

There are many ways in which your roof can get damaged, and that’s because that part of your house is constantly hit by snow, hail, rain and of course sunlight, and there’s no way to avoid it. They’ll all eventually wear (more…)

Top 10 metro areas for roofing contractors


Housing markets across the country is giving the greatest time of start an own company in construction, home maintenance and repairs. However, there is some information that you need to know after all. (more…)

Hip Roofs

Hipped roofs have a particularly different design from flat roofs or gabled roofs, because the don’t have the any flat nor vertical sides. In a squared hip roof all the sides slope down to the eaves from a single point, while in a rectangular one it creates an edge using the added length. (more…)

Composite roofing


Some people think that the inside of the house is the most important part of the house, but as it is, the exterior are an important role as well. The siding is the thing that protects everything against exposure.

In this case, windows and doors allow (more…)

Removing stains from asphalt roofs

A home’s roof maintenance is always left last because of the difficulty of getting up there to clean it or simply because that’s the last thing we think about when we are at home. though, its maintenance is key to get the longest life span possible, so you should pay attention to your roof more often, especially to any suspicious stain. (more…)

Reflective roof coats – reduce energy costs

Homeowners are always in the look for possible cuts on energy expenses as well as giving their home’s components the longest life span, that’s why reflective roof coating has become such a popular and energy efficient option among homeowners. It does keep your roof from absorbing heat and can also keep a house’s roof protected. (more…)

Ice Dams can ruin roofs – prevent this from happening

Ice dams

Since ice dams is one of the things that may always appear after a heavy snowfall and can always ruin a roof but the only time when someone thinks about this is when it actually happens and there is not something that you can do to repair it. That is exactly why we decided to write this article in (more…)

Copper Gutters – Add Style To Your Home

Copper Gutter

Rain gutters are probably some of the most underrated piece in a home’s exterior. But as much as some people like to say they are unnecessary they have proven to help on keeping your home’s exterior from humidity and the damages it carries. (more…)

Gable Roofs – All you need to know

Gable Roof

Gable roofs are everywhere around America, the iconic American house look starts by their gable roofs, and it’s so because of many reasons: they are affordable and perfectly fitted for rain and snow since their design allows melting to wear down snow.

There are a couple of different designs to choose from if you are looking into this type of roofing and every one of them offers a slightly different aesthetic, it’s up to you which one will match your style but consider the detail when choosing (more…)

Which roofer is right for you? Hiring the right one can be an art

Roofer Roofing Gutter Dormer Leaks

One of the most important parts of your house is the roof, actually it is also one really expensive fix yet extremely necessary since its malfunction can carry various problems to the structure of your home, which translate into big reparation bills due to leaks and so on. (more…)

Dormers – the pros and cost of dormers

Dormer Window Air Flow Home


Dormers are one of a kind window and it’s nearly impossible for dormer windows not to stand out from the outside of a home, since they stick vertically from a slanted roof. Their natural eye catching positioning is just one of the many features they add (more…)

Hipped roof – your guide to hipped roofing

Hipped Roof

Homeowners have to go through picking multiple options for every single piece of their houses, but the most important one is the roof that’s going to cover your goods and family.

That’s why choosing the right option that satisfies your needs and gives you the aesthetic you wish is fundamental. Homeowner’s favorite is the hipped roof; hipped roofs have a really simple look yet aesthetically modern style. (more…)

Roofing and gutter terms

Roofing Gutter Roof Shingles

Alligatoring: When tar and gavel roof’s lifespan comes to an end, their typical lifespan is of 10-12 years, its seams open up or the gavel gets cracked, it is called alligatoring. When alligatoring shows it means is time for a roof replacement.

Aluminum Gutters: Aluminum gutters are a rust resistant material, it can come factory painted as well as unfinished. Its weakness is its tendency to leak at the joints due to the expansion and contraction this material (more…)

Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs Leaks Maintenance

Although the main attractive of metal roofs is their durability and low maintenance requirements there are some factors that can threaten your roof’s life span, that’s why keeping an eye on these tips might come handy to save you some bucks in the long run.

Get in contact (more…)

Vinyl gutters – is it the right choice?

Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl gutters’ popularity is in the raise and is no mystery why it is doing so, vinyl gutters are made of PVC plastic which is a material known being lightweight, corrosion resistant and cheap.

The fact that Vinyl is lighter than any other material used for gutters makes its installation easier, add to this its affordable price and you will be cutting on every cost. However as every (more…)

Roof vents – What you need to know

 Roof ventilation system

Having a roof over your head is one of the most expensive parts of your home you have to invest money in, that’s why you have to take the most care about it, to have a comfortable house and avoid having any possible interior damages due to leaks. (more…)

Metal Roofs – Your All You Need to Know Guide

Metal Roofing Aluminum Tin

Metal roof designs have come a long way now, they are far from those flat rigid and rustic tin roofs most people picture. Along with their durable and lightweight construction they have become a homeowner’s (more…)

How long should your roof last? How can you make it last longer?


When it is about the parts of your home, the roof may be the most important one, and that is why people have to make it a priority and keep it in good shape. However, you need to know that there are many

roofing materials in the market, and all (more…)

The Different Types of Roofing Shingles

Roof Shingles

As we’ve said before new roofing is an expensive yet worthy renovation project so is key to have in mind what type of roofing shingles will work better for your needs. There is a couple of roofing shingle materials to check before making a purchase.

Every roofing shingle material has its own benefits and flaws so keep in mind that not everything (more…)

Rubber roofs

rubber roofing

If you are one of those who need to repair their wooden shingles of the house really often, then you might need another alternative to solve this problem, such as a rubber roof. The rubber roof is a durable substance that more than just make your house weatherproof, also is energy efficent and eco-friendly. (more…)

Affordability of real estate in the South Central Region of the United States


Austin, Texas, is one of the best places to live in the whole country, but this position comes with a price that everyone should know.  Austin real state has a price of $156 per square foot, making it the most expensive real estate in Texas. (more…)

Affordability of Real Estate in The Mountain Region of The United States

North West Region Real Estate

The country’s most beautiful landscapes are located in the North West region but this beauty comes with a high price to pay, literally, with real estate’s prices of the likes of Seattle, clocking up to $299 per square foot or Portland’s $213 per square foot.

Both of the (more…)

Affordability of real estate in the west north central region of the united states

Real Estate West North Central Region

The West North central region has on its advantage the oil industry which influences highly on real estate prices.

This impact is shown in the five region’s most expensive cities in which are listed three north (more…)

Foreclosure Properties at The Local County Sheriff’s Office

Bidding Foreclosure Sheriff Sale

An Auction, better known as a sheriff’s sale, is what happens after a foreclosure mortgage process if the homeowner if incapable of fixing his financial problems with the lender. (more…)

Property affordability across the USA

Real Estate dollar house background

One of the indicators that represent American economy’s health are the real estate prices that allows to owning a house. However, real estate prices may vary significantly across the country.

If you are thinking about buying a new house, there are some factors that you will be probably interested to know such as the average price of real estate per foot in the place you plan on living and the states with the highest (more…)

My house was flooded – what to do?

flooled house

There are so many people affected by natural dissasters such as hurricanes of 3 or 4 category, (more…)

A New Roof Now Can Cost You Nothing in The Future

New Roof

Every home improvement project adds some value to a home, to a greater or lesser extent. In any case, most home owners will put off projects until their comfort seems threatened or their property is damaged by lack of maintenance. (more…)

Working With Contractors – Ask Questions First, Decide Later.

Contractor Question

As we’ve said before, being informed is the key to make your dream projects come true and though experienced contractors should be able to understand what you are expecting to get out of whatever

construction or remodel you are having you should do your research too. (more…)

Top 5 most expensive and popular home improvement projects


Nowadays homeowners are not only spending their money on remodeling their houses just to make them more aesthetic, but to make (more…)

States with the highest equity gains

Real Estate dollar house background

As never after, country’s homeowner equity has double, creating an environment where this is driving billions of dollars worth for the home improvement. However, there are some states where the equity gains are higher than anywhere else, and here are they:


The Home Improvement Industry is Worth Billions – Here’s Why


The home improvement industry has had a steady growth throughout the last five years; its growth is now twice as fast as it (more…)

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling – quick wins –


The bathroom and kitchen are the first two things to remodelate in your home, not just because you will get compliments of everyone, but because they make your home more beautiful and stylized.

The hard thing in this subject is to decide, which one should be remodel first?, and even when people tend to answer this question by knowing which one will have the biggest impact in their home and the sale price, for those who will not sell his house the best way to decide is by asking themselves:

Choosing cabinets and countertops – what to do and what not to do

cabinets and countertops

Every homeowners appreciate the options, not only because it gives them the opportunity of have plenty (more…)

The 5 Most Common Home Improvement Projects and Their Costs

Home Improvement

Every once in a while homeowners have to deal with upgrades and remodeling that was left off for a long time and can no longer wait to be fixed or maybe you finally got some extra money to invest in your home.

Whatever your case is having a remodeling budget will allow you to invest your money wisely and have an idea of how much money you will be actually expending, so you don’t surprise yourself not being able to finish a project due to budget.

To help you out in this process we have listed the five most popular projects and their average national costs so you (more…)

Choosing a home improvement company


Beyond a proper planning, the fact of finding and choosing a qualified home improvement company should be the top priority to get success when someone is planning any kind of improvement project for his house, departament, office, etc. (more…)

Electricians and Plumbers – Mechanical Contractors and Their Business


A great part of remodeling costs comes from mechanical installations that need to be done. Normally, plumbers and electricians are busy but due to late events they have (more…)

Replacement Window Costs and Savings

Window Replacement Cost

Depending on what is the condition of your window you will be spending more or less money. Besides the replacing process expenses there might be some extra things, you might have to pay for fees and for your old window’s disposing. (more…)

Labor and Window Installation Cost


Labor and Window Instalation

The installation of a window is a task that requires certain degree of technique as well as proper tools and materials, a great part of your budget will end up with a contractor who will take care of the job. (more…)

Custom Window Cost

Custom Window

Sometimes finding the perfect window that fits one’s expectations becomes nearly impossible and that’s when custom windows become your better option, they are the way to express your style through the design of your home, the only limitation will be your (more…)

Calculating the Cost of Replacing Your Windows

Replacement Cost

Budgeting the cost window replacement will have is the first thing you should have in mind before going to a good window replacement contractor or doing it yourself. Be wise and take the most using what you have. (more…)

The Most Common Types of Windows in Your Home

Windows come in so different shapes, types and sizes that picking only one becomes in a difficult task, but in order to pick the one that fit your walls and your needs first you will need to know about them. (more…)

Should You Install Windows Yourself?

There’s nothing as satisfactory as something done by yourself and been able to show it to others will bring you even more gratification. However DYI projects related to windows can be a little difficult to get done. (more…)

Replacement window cost

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to do some window replacement, whether the frame material isn’t as energy efficient as you need it to be or it might be a wooden frame that needs more maintenance than what your time allows you (more…)

Replacement Windows Shopping Tips


Every time somebody thinks of remodeling or giving a spin to the look of their houses the last thing that goes through their heads are windows. window (more…)

Top 5 Things You Need to Know When Replacing Your Windows

New things are always nice and a new window is not the exception. Having new windows will keep you from giving them maintenance for a long time, new windows will be easier to clean and of course the will be more energy efficient but do you really need new ones?

Getting windows replaced can bring you great expenses, it could be from about $300 to $1,500 or even more depending in the type of window you choose, and the hardware used on it.

So before considering replacing your windows you should know these 5 things

A new window won’t be paid by itself

Current dual-paned (more…)

Bay Vs Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are two elegant pieces that enhance the overall look of a house, both give a very sophisticated appearance that brings everybody’s eyes to the front of a house.

From the inside both window pieces show how much they differentiate, their usability and viewing ranges to outside’s landscape might differ since both are made of a very different glass positioning which will change the viewer’s perspective.

In any case if yet you can’t quite picture the difference between both options a more explicit description of every great aspect from both windows will make up your mind about the window that will represent your taste. (more…)

The Different Types of Frames to Choose When You’re Replacing Your Windows


Good framing can keep your windows from getting damaged and it also can help with energy loss. Window frames aren’t just about aesthetic but about efficiency and materials. (more…)

An Easy Way to Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Energy Efficiency

Electric bills can take so much of your income that you’d rather use in other things, and what if while saving money you could make your place more comfortable? Well, all of that can be done through your windows, whether you replace them or just update them. (more…)


Window Replacement Contractor

Window replacement

Window replacement is a tweak that some people wouldn’t consider significant (more…)